Functional training that adapts to the level of the athlete

CrossFit is a sports discipline in which you work with metabolic exercises, weightlifting and sports gymnastics. The execution of these exercises is very varied, and is performed at high intensity. In our box we don’t use machines, we create them.
We know that routine is a great enemy; but in the District you won’t have to worry. Your sports routine will disappear. Every day, a new training. Every day, a new challenge. It does not matter if you are an experienced athlete or if you have no experience in the world of sport…. CrossFit is a 100% scalable sport, which we can always adapt to your level. If you don’t believe it, try it!

In District we take care of the quality of training always. Thus, classes have limited places. Thus, we make sure to give you personalized attention.

CrossFit is not more of the same. CrossFit is a new fitness method that is born from the hands of the best fitness experts in the United States and is based on constantly varied functional movements, executed at high and medium intensity.

Functional movements:

You will work the whole body as a whole, taking advantage of all the possibilities of it. This training does not isolate muscle work as it happens when we exercise our body with conventional gym machines. The movements that you will practice in CrossFit are the ones you use in your daily and daily life, which is why its results are so effective. Creativity and constant variety of exercises:

Forget the routines. Here each training is different than the previous one, so you will never get bored when training. In addition, you will not allow your body to get used to training so every time you train, it will be a new challenge for you.
High intensity during training:

We prepare your body so that it can overcome great efforts and notice significant improvements in your physical form from day one. You will feel that you will increase this intensity yourself as you acquire a better physical form and you will discover and be surprised how far you can go.

The CrossFit gives results:

The CrossFit has become the main training program for police academies, special forces (elite), tactical operations teams, military units, martial arts champions and hundreds of other professionals and athletes around the world.
It is a training program that will help you achieve any goal (weight loss, strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your cardiovascular capacity …)
The CrossFit program proposes a broad, general and inclusive training since we do not specialize in the development of specific physical competences, but we try to optimize all physical competences equally.
Our program is designed to help in the development of athletic ability, whether you are an experienced athlete or if you are someone without previous athletic experience, CrossFit is for everyone, it suits you.
It is designed to be applied to all levels and all ages. It is based on the execution of combined exercises using movements that recruit the largest amount of muscle groups in order to maximize energy per exercise.

In Crossfit you will work and improve the ten main physical skills in order to be a complete athlete:


  • FORCE: The ability of our body to generate energy by contracting our muscles, in isolation or integrated
  • CARDIOVASCULAR RESISTANCE: The ability of body systems to store, process and use oxygen
  • MUSCLE RESISTANCE: The ability of body systems to store, process and use energy POWER: The ability to apply the greatest amount of force in the shortest time of one or more motor units
  • SPEED: The ability to minimize cycles of repeated movement
  • FLEXIBILITY: The ability to maximize the range of motion of our joints
  • COORDINATION: The ability to combine different motor patterns to achieve a single movement sequence
  • PRECISION: The ability to control a movement with a specific intensity and / or direction AGILITY: The ability to minimize the transition time between one motor pattern and another
  • BALANCE: The ability to place our center of gravity in relation to our base, our support